State of Mind – Raising awareness for Mental Health

Mental Illness, these two words when said out loud often have the power to make people feel very uncomfortable.  Whats interesting is  statistically everyone knows of someone who is living with or has lived with some form of mental illness in their lifetime.  Whether it be depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe anxiety or any of the many other mental illness people struggle with.  So why are we as a society so afraid to talk about something that touches all os us in some way  or another.  The answer is simple, stigma.

We prefer to sweep this topic under the rug because it makes us feel uncomfortable and awkward.  What we don’t realize is that simply by just not talking about it, we are doing a severe injustice to those who live and die every day because of it.  You can’t see it therefore we treat it differently than any other illness.  We lack sympathy that we normally give someone with cancer.  We are afraid of Mental Illness because we don’t talk about it.   Let’s start talking about it, lets start learning about it and lets start helping to raise awareness regarding Mental Illness.  It deserves our compassion and our care because no one deserves to be left in the dark with their demons when we as a society can help find light and offer hope.


State of mind – Raising awareness for Mental Health photography exhibit will be feature stories and faces of those who suffer or have been affected by someone with mental health.  The exhibit will take place May 8-15th at Edmonton City Hall.