Scars Project

The scars project is just one facet of the campaign I’ve begun.  It started with the “Mom Project” then the “Freckle Project”, and now the “Scars Project”.  Ultimately my inspiration came from photographing woman over the last few years.  Almost everyone of them, told me what they hated about themselves.  It was disheartening because I didn’t see any of what they mentioned. I saw their smile, their eyes, their faces light up, their heart and soul through my lens.  I felt I needed to do something to show them what I saw which led me to create my first project.

For the Mom Project, I asked for 10 moms to volunteer and bring their children.  I would ask mom’s what they didn’t like about themselves and take their photo.  I then brought their children into the studio with  mom and I photographed them together.  Then I asked mom’s to wait in another room and I asked the children to tell me what they loved about their mom.  I wanted the Mom’s to see what I saw but more importantly, I wanted them to see themselves through their children’s eyes.   Each day I would post a photo of the mom with details of what they didn’t like about themselves,  later that day, I would then post the children’s photo and write about what they loved about the mom.  So much love for this project, came pouring out from everyone.  Family, friends and husbands.   Words of love and appreciation.  Words I don’t think would’ve been said out loud if it wasn’t for the moments of vulnerability that was shown.

I created the Scars Project for many reasons. I wanted to continue with raising awareness that we are all different and what we look like on the outside should not reflect who we are on the inside. We shouldn’t be judged on our looks, our weight, our size, our tattoos, or our scars. I wanted to inspire people to not judge people based on their appearance and on their visible scars.  I wanted to change and redefine beauty, for someone to see the beauty within not necessarily what is specific to someone’s physical appearance.  We all have scars, some you can see and some you cannot but when a person is teased for their physical scars, scars they already hate, that can bring someone down even more so.  Words are powerful and can lift someone up or bring them down and I wanted people to realize what they say, can impact someone so why not impact someone in a positive way.