Breast Cancer Shoot Calgary AB

The scars project is just one facet of the campaign I began last year using my photography. It started with the “Mom Project” then the “Freckle Project”, and now the “Scars Project”.

Ultimately my inspiration came from photographing women over the last few years. Almost every one of them told me what they didn’t like about themselves even before I started photographing them. It was disheartening because I didn’t see any of what they mentioned. I saw their smile, their eyes, their faces light up, their heart and soul through my lens. I felt I needed to do something to show them what I saw which led me to create these projects.

After the Freckle project, I wanted to continue with raising awareness that we are all different and what we look like on the outside should not reflect who we are on the inside. We shouldn’t be judged on our looks, our weight, our size, our tattoos, or our internal and external scars.

Last spring, I boarded a West-Jet plane to San Diego and was taken back by the MOST amazing smile welcoming me on board. The flight attendant’s smile was so infectious, I found myself smiling as I walked to my seat. To make a long story short, I ended up chatting with this lovely woman and found out her story. She had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy. With the power of Facebook, we became fast friends and I asked her if she would model for my “Scars Project” and she said yes!
This brave, strong, courageous and beautiful woman bared her heart and soul to me during the photoshoot. I will never forget being part of something so pure and beautiful.

That day Michelle Schaefer and I decided we needed to do something on a larger scale. We agreed we wanted to share her experience she had during the photoshoot and create this beautiful event for women who have gone through Breast Cancer. Collectively and passionately, we poured our hearts and souls into this event and our ultimate hope is to redefine the way people see beauty.

For the next 9 days leading up to the release of the group photo on February 14th, I will be introducing you to the amazing women who took part in the Breast cancer shoot January 30th. Their stories are as unique and incredible as they are. It was an honour to photograph them!

The reason I chose Valentines Day to release this photo is because Valentines Day is a day of LOVE. I want this photo to represent love for yourself and for your SCARS regardless of what that means for each and everyone of you.

The scars these incredible and brave women are showing you, represent the journey they have been forced by Cancer to follow.

Breast Cancer a disease that doesn’t discriminate but will steal from your body anything and everything that gets in its way. It steals your womanhood, it steals your dreams, your hopes, and it can steal your heart.

Breast Cancer can leave you feeling hopeless but these ladies are here to tell you, there is hope and there is a community out there that will hold you until your tears stop flowing, a community that will, on your darkest days, give you so much love, comfort and advice, you will believe in hope again and you will believe it’s going to be ok!

These warriors in this photo are here representing strength, bravery and a newfound appreciation for every single sunrise and sunset and they want you to know you will get through your battles too. You will get through this!!!

SCARS ARE BEAUTIFUL because they represent what a person has gone through and what they have become. Live your life, everyday like it’s a gift, and you won’t ever regret it.